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New partnership : Plush Chocolates

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The last couple of days, my postman had a lot of work around here. I think I will call him by name soon enough :P He brought me a nice tasty parcel today, I introduce you to my new sponsor, Plush Chocolates

Jenny & Sarah propose a large selection of Fairtrade treats. They have Fudges, chocolates, truffes and even dairy free products. Do not hesitate to visit their shop HERE

I received to review: 

Chocolate Caramel & sea salt disks, chocolate strawberry & geranium disks, Traditionnal butter fudge, cherry & almond fudge and Coffee & walnut fudge.

Thank you Plush Chocolates for this tasty parcel !

Edit 22-04-2013 : So I tasted each and every single products, I can say one thing, these are quality chocolates ! The fudge are lovely, but they are more like butter tablets or "sucre a la creme" in Quebec) for me. That doesn't take anything away from them, they are succulent and I loved the cherry or coffee flavoured ones ! 

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